Michael McIntosh

Producer, Production Manager, Technical Director

“I interacted with Michael when we were planning to do music events worldwide. I found him perceptive, enthusiastic, straight forward and knowledgeable. His knowledge of his craft was impressive and his enthusiasm was infectious. He is a great professional and I would truly love to work with him. I would like to have him direct and manage top of the line music production programs.” January 10, 2010
Sudhir Ahluwalia , Honorary Chairman , South Asia Consultants Private Ltd

“Michael is a savior. He is not only solutions based for any production crisis that may arise (yep, we've shared several and no one ever knew it ;), but he has great integrity and is trustworthy with delicate internal information to ensure the client is ALWAYS shining in the best possible light. He is pro-active without being controlling and is always calm when adrenaline is running high. There are few I would recommend more...” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Christine Hansen, President/CEO, Thirty-Three Productions, Inc.

"I have worked with Michael in many different capacities over more years than I care to mention and always found that he is focused on 3 things; the show, the show, and the show. His attention to detail and the professional way he handles his crew makes show run smoothly and on time. He is trustworthy and dependable and has a sense of honor rare in this town. I work with him often and plan to do so well into the future." May 20, 2008
Jeff Porter, Lighting Designer, Olesen Theatrical

“Michael is detail oriented producer and my crew enjoyed working with him.”
John Kavanagh, VP Sales, Show Department, Inc

“Mike is one of the best in the production and producer business. I true pro and a good bet on any project. His knowledge, experience, and integrity are beyond reproach.You cannot go wrong hiring this seasoned professional.As a very busy person he has always taken the time to meet and discuss our pending projects, and this is rare in this business.”
Carling Dinkler

“Michael is a pleasure to work with and clearly communicates his vision and requirements to meet client expectations.”
Carole Wood, Account Development Manager, Show Department Inc.

“Michael McIntosh is a one of a kind! Capable and expert at what he does. He delivers everything and more, and goes above and beyond to bring the production in on budget and on time. I worked with him when I was Head of Production at Sebastian/Wella on many complex multi-camera live shoot events and he was reliable, extremely experienced and resourceful at what he does and able to bring in complex and high budget productions, in corporate working environments without any difficulties. He manages people both production and clients with extreme diplomacy and tact. I then hired him to work with me at the grand opening of the Hollywood and Highland complex, for a complicated live event which was multi talent, multi press and multi media, with live camera shoot. Again, he was there every step of the way looking out for me and the production to a successful conclusion. I would highly recommend him as a Production Manager for any live event.”
jane linter, Producer/Director, StyleZoneTV Productions, inc.

“I am currently working with Michael on a company. I knew from the first conversation with Michael that I wanted to work with him. He has an amazing resume of achievement. He is very proactive in moving the business forward. He has outstanding relationships with those with whom he has worked in the past. I am also impressed by the way he works with people. In my experience, that has been outstanding. I would recommend Michael to anyway who wants to work with him.”
Jack Carton, COO/CFO, Edge 1 Multimedia

“Michael is and has been a passionate proponent of excellence in the preparation and execution of his work for me as well as his other clients. Once Michael is on board, I am relieved of any anxiety relating to production management issues. He is thorough, reliable, loyal, and dedicated. His desire to perform at the high level of excellence that we insist upon, makes him a valued team member, and a great friend as well.”
Jeffrey Weber

“In the years that I have known Michael he has proven himself to be a creative and energetic individual. He recently produced a major project for my team and came in, not only under budget, but also with excellent production values. If you are looking for someone who is responsible and excellent at what he does, Michael is the man for you. I would highly recommend him for any project here or abroad.”
Rick Rieger

“Michael has deep knowledge and experience in live, recording and film production. Is in control at all times and especially good in times of production crisis that always occur. Expertise in 'live' production is strong suit.”
Denny Diante

“Micheal is one of the few people I have ever had the pleasure of working with that constantly delivers above and beyond my expectations. From creative to implimentation, I can count on Michael for being a source of knowledge and experiance that enables us to provide results for our clients at a level that keeps them coming back again and again. I would recommend Michael without hesitation to anyone who is lucky enough to be in a position to work with him.”
RJ Bucaria, President, Edge 1 Records

“Michael is a forward thinking, creative and totally empowered programmatic thinker. His ability to see a client’s project holistically is a gift. Being able to create, deliver and overwhelm his clients is a specialty. I highly encourage, if you are looking for leadership in the entertainment business, seek Michael's unbridled enthusiasm.”
Bill Ganz / www.billganz.com


Stage Manager, Show Coordinator, Crew Chief, Site Supervisor

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